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Welcome to the City of Milton!


The concept of comprehensive planning is very much related to the economic prosperity of the community. It can be a tool for planning the future growth or decline of a local community. Most importantly, a comprehensive plan can be used to address the constant change and evolution of a community. These plans are sometimes referred to as "Land Use Plans" as they often deal with issues related to the appropriate uses of land.

In many cases, comprehensive plans are prepared to address compatibility issues between various uses of land, management and preservation of natural resources, identification and preservation of historically significant lands and structures, and adequate planning for infrastructure needs. In other instances, comprehensive plans are used to address issues related to schools, recreation, and housing. A comprehensive plan is a formal document produced through this process. The key principal in the concept of the plan is that it is an instrument to be used by community leaders who establish the policies and make the decisions regarding physical development. The document should then serve as a policy guide to decisions about community development.


What is the process of developing the plan?

A comprehensive plan is a vision of what a community is to be in the future and a tool to help guide the county's future growth. The process of developing this plan will be a community-wide effort. All interested groups should play a part in delineating this vision. Specific goals and objectives will be developed along with a time frame for implementation.

One of the first steps in the comprehensive planning process is to collect data on existing conditions. The data collection will relate to each element that will make up the plan, this will include data identifying the following major categories 1. Land Use 2. Housing 3. Transportation 4. Infrastructure 5. Public Services 6. Recreation 7. Economic Development 8. Historic 9. Redevelopment 10. Financing 11. Preferred Development Area 12. Rural 13. Community Design

What geographical areas are covered?

The City of Milton.

Who is involved in developing the plan?

Essentially the City of Milton is responsible through their leadership for creating and managing the project. Through partnerships with Mountwest Community and Technical College and a number of other community members on various levels, the project will involve professional leaders from state and county organizations representing the various categories mentioned above.

How can I get involved?

Throughout the entire comprehensive planning process, citizen input is essential to determine the goals and objectives of the plan, after all, the document is for the purpose of the community. The citizens, professional experts and public officials should have a say regarding the future of their community. Your comments and input is a vital component to the successful completion of this document and amendments thereafter. There will be public meetings giving you an opportunity to provide your input or you can email the project manager at for more information.

When will the document be completed?

The document is scheduled for completion at the end of May 2015 however there will be a period of time for public debate before the plan is officially adopted.

How can I obtain a copy of the final plan?

An electronic copy of the plan will be available for free download on this website.

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